Track your standings in the H3 online community

This application is developed by one person. It is not related to any of existing H3 project like HD mod or HOTA.
The project has no direct access to any internal data that is held by the lobby's database (players' names, emails, stats etc.). It simply analyses the data that is sent from the server to the lobby client. Because of that displayed data might not be accurate.

> Why is player "X" not found?

>> The app only has data of players that were online since the application started

> Why is it taking so long for the app to load player profile/all players/games/what ever?

>> Some of it is result of decisions that were made to speed up the development and some were not intentional. When I have some time I will probably try to improve this

If you have found any bug or would like to suggest a feature/change then message me via Discord